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Rand Paul completely mangles Lincoln

Not surprisingly, Sen. Rand Paul is standing by his social media director and co-author Jack Hunter, the guy known as “Southern Avenger” who now dismisses his neo-confederate past as a youthful indiscretion, even though he’s 39 and was still defending secession as recently as four years ago.

In a fascinating and contentious interview with the Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman, Paul argues that Hunter has recanted his most noxious views and anyway, the guy is “incredibly talented.” Asked about Hunter’s habit, as a disk jockey, of dressing up in a Confederate flag ski mask, Paul played the exasperated, fun-loving libertarian.

“It was a shock radio job. He was doing wet T-shirt contests. But can a guy not have a youth and stuff? People try to say I smoked pot one time, and I wasn't fit for office.” (Of course Paul was in college during his Aqua Buddha days; Hunter is 39.)

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