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R. Kelly’s #AskRKelly publicity stunt unsurprisingly backfires

R. Kelly, the prurient R&B singer who somehow maintains a career despite repeated run-ins with the law over child pornography allegations, invited trouble for himself on Tuesday when he asked Twitter followers this:

[embedtweet id="410471655215874048"]

Twitter users swiftly responded in kind:

[embedtweet id="410484098730164226"]

[embedtweet id="410871057315164160"]

[embedtweet id="410605353303146496"]

[embedtweet id="410496767109521408"]

[embedtweet id="410605580332453888"]

[embedtweet id="410870806067965953"]

[embedtweet id="410518429683429376"]

[embedtweet id="410566307394768896"]

[embedtweet id="410494082784325632"]

The responses surprised no one, except perhaps for R. Kelly and his PR team:

[embedtweet id="410878525453783040"]

[embedtweet id="410519970250903552"]

[embedtweet id="410882535732690944"]

[embedtweet id="410882361690058752"]

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