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Psych meds dull my creativity

Dear Cary,

You asked for problems regarding creativity so here is mine. I've been a creative person since childhood. I did a lot of visual art. I played multiple instruments, including playing the piano for 20 years and the bass guitar for two. I did various handicrafts from bookbinding to decoupage. Unfortunately, I have a lot of health issues. I have an autoimmune disorder that has me on heavy-duty pain meds and a long history of psychiatric issues for which I'm on a lot of medication as well.

In the last 18 months as my psych meds have been continually increased due to my symptoms worsening, I've found myself unable to create at all. I can't focus on any one art form, and lack the motivation to even try to create. I bought a new bass and a new amplifier last year and I've barely touched them. My craft supplies sit unused. And while I'm in the process of digging out my old sewing machine, I fear that this will just be one more thing that goes nowhere. I'm on disability and spend much of my days in a struggle to focus on the simplest things.

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