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Primary everyone! (Liz Cheney for Senate, Part 2)

Aspiring warlord and longtime Virginia resident Liz Cheney is running for the U.S. Senate from Wyoming, mounting a primary challenge against longtime Senator Mike Enzi, a fairly conservative Republican who is on the hot seat with the right for... I guess for some sort of internet sales tax thing? And also because he doesn't say "Benghazi" enough.

Cheney's announcement prompted a lot of commentary accusing Cheney of carpetbagging and also of betraying poor Mike Enzi. Enzi, for his part, was suddenly the recipient of some very friendly press. "“She said that if I ran she wasn’t going to run, but obviously that wasn’t correct,” Enzi told reporters. "I thought we were friends."

It is true that Cheney said, not long ago, that she considers Enzi "an old friend," but as she explainedlast night, sometimes friends primary friends.

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