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“Power pedicures” are the new power lunches which were once the new something else that some women do!

The so-called "power pedicure" is the "new three-martini lunch" which was once the new "artichoke salad at Cipriani" which was once the new "tea at the Plaza," which was once the new something something something, according to a Tuesday trend piece in the New York Post about the meeting habits of wealthy business women in New York City.

In September, the New York Times declared in an equally important story that all the female elites were eating roasted carrot and avocado salads at a restaurant in Manhattan, butno more!Burn that place to the ground and build a nail salon over its still-glowing embers, because power lunches are O-U-T. (At least until another report on the comings and goings of a small selection of urban women comes out next week, month, etc., at which point we will have to raze the nail salons, too.)

Some excerpts, like this one about callus scraping:

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