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Post-Lady Gaga, is Warholism dead?

Lady Gaga has called her new album "ARTPOP," out today, a "reverse Warholian expedition." What the album, and the career trajectory of the most Warhol-influenced pop singer in the game, proves more clearly than ever is that, for all the press the visual artist has gotten, the principles of visual artist Andy Warhol, obsessed with the images of commercialism and of celebrities, are no longer useful in 2013.

"ARTPOP" has come with the requisite burst of publicity; it's been a multiplatform assault since at least August, when Gaga performed the lead single, "Applause," at the Video Music Awards. That single put forth the central thesis of Gaga's career -- that fame is an interesting topic and one that she relates to. "I live for the applause," Gaga sang, as though this were somehow novel or unique to her. Gaga had made vague statements about fame before; singles from "Paparazzi" to "Dance In the Dark" (which cites Princess Diana as a role model), use fame not as a building block to make a greater argument but simply state, over and over, that fame is something Lady Gaga has worked for and currently enjoys.

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