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Pope condemns economic inequality while the Vatican continues to censure nuns’ anti-poverty work

Pope Francis on Sunday strongly condemned economic inequality and what he called a global financial system that worships a “god of money.”

"We don't want this globalized economic system which does us so much harm," he said in remarks delivered during a trip to the Sardinian capital of Cagliari. "Men and women have to be at the centre [of an economic system] as God wants, not money."

Francis' unscripted remarks were prompted by a question from a married father of three who said he had been unemployed since losing his job with an alternative energy company four years ago. Unemployment "oppresses you and wears you out to the depths of your soul," Francesco Mattana told the pope.

"Excuse me if I use strong words, but where there is no work there is no dignity," Francis replied.

But Francis' increasing outspokenness on issues like economic inequality only further illustrate a growing rift between the pope's words and the entrenched policies and bureaucracies within the Vatican -- and church leadership in the United States.

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