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Politics of microgrids: Power and regulations

Part 2 in a two-part series about microgrids.

Part 1: Microgrids: Sandy Forced Cities to Rethink Power Supply

With the ravages and power outages of hurricanes Irene and Sandy seared in recent memory, soon, a public school, a small private grocery store and a gas station in Hartford, Conn., will be linked by a microgrid designed to keep the electricity flowing in those buildings when the next major storm hits.

Hartford city officials consider the school, store, gas station and connected senior center and library critical services that need to be fully operational the next time the grid fails. Hurricanes — their destructive force fueled in part because of climate change — and major storms hitting the Northeast in recent years have forced cities and states to re-think how to make their electric power delivery systems less vulnerable, and microgrids are a major part of that.

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