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Pick of the week: The American nightmare, at Disney World

Let me make clear, for the benefit of the lawyers, that I do not endorse any of the urban legends about Walt Disney World and other Mouse-related theme parks put forward in Randy Moore’s delirious and disturbing debut feature, “Escape From Tomorrow.” Which was mostly shot guerrilla-style on Disney property without the company’s permission – and in black-and-white, of all things – and is a cult classic in the making, if I’ve ever seen one. The distinctive fried turkey legs sold throughout Disney parks are almost certainly not emu meat. I sincerely doubt that costumed Disney princesses are available for hire to Asian businessmen, for nefarious purposes and at astronomical prices. And I forcefully reject the unscientific hypothesis that Disney World has covered up a deadly epidemic of “cat flu,” whose sufferers begin to cough up hairballs.

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