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Period pride takes pop culture by storm

Forgot about “your time of the month,” “the Curse,” and all the delicate and discreet euphemisms for menstruation. Recently, there has been a spate of viral music videos and art from a rising group of female artists who are determined to sing, rap and depict menstruation with (graphic) candor.

From rapping about cunnilingus on their period to putting a full-bush, bleeding vagina on a T-shirt, these musical and visual expressions of menstruation may seem initially jarring and even over-the-top. But they represent a bracing backlash against the blue-liquid marketing culture. Now, a generation of women who began their periods in an age of euphemistic“Mother Nature” ads are embracing menstruation in all of its bloody glory as their way of reclaiming their un-sanitized womanhood.

Case in point, these lyrics from the opening verse of Hand Job Academy's rap about periods,“Shark Week":

Strap on your redwings it's time to make this bird sing, my bed looks like the elevator from "The Shining" [...]

Bleedin' since 11, bitch I ain't new to this feels like a werewolf is living in my uterus

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