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Peace Corps volunteer’s hellish abortion story

Not long after Christine Carcano learned the man who had raped her on the street in Peru had left her pregnant and with a case of pelvic inflammatory disease, there was another unwelcome revelation: the Peace Corps could evacuate her to Washington, but they couldn't pay for her abortion -- which would cost more than a month of her salary.

Carcano decided to tell her story publicly for the first time after reading here about the Peace Corps Equity Act, introduced by Senator Frank Lautenberg last week, which would modify the current policy by extending Peace Corps health coverage to abortions in case of rape. Carcano, who majored in human biology at the University of Texas and is now working as a research assistant on HIV/AIDS, says she wasn't particularly educated about the politics of abortion. But then, in the months after her ordeal, the headlines were full of politicians talking about abortion, "legitimate rape" and doubting rape victims could even become pregnant. "I came back to my country and I felt like other Americans were against me or against my choices," she says.

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