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Is PDA ever OK?

In an apparent total lack of understanding of what happens when people go to shopping malls, a California security guard this weekend kicked out a young couple for holding hands and kissing at the Westfield Galleria. I ask you, America, if the day is at hand when we can't walk around kissing our boyfriends at the mall, are they going to clamp down on getting our ears pierced and buying a Cinnabon there, too?

The ejection doesn't seem to have been entirely motivated by their public display of affection. It is worth noting that the smoochy couple singled out by security happens to be gay. Daniel Chesmore, 21, told the local Sacramento Fox affiliate this week, "I kissed him on the cheek. That’s how my boyfriend and I show affection." And, he said, "This is exactly what we did at the mall on Saturday." Chesmore adds that when he and his boyfriend, Jose Guzman, were confronted by a security guard, the man told them, "If you continue to kiss, you will be asked to leave the mall. Period … I counted you guys kissing 25 times." The couple also produced an audio of the guard telling them, "I told you before, we contact any couple" about this behavior.

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