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Pat Robertson’s latest calls Islam “demonic”

How is it that Pat Robertson is still on TV saying terrible things? How desperate for content are cable providers that they'll just let this windbag spew any old crazy talk? His statement this week that Islam is "demonic" and that "I hardly think to call it a religion, it's more an economic and political system with a religious veneer" isn't even the most offensive thing he's ever said – it's just the most recent in a lifetime torrent of stupid.

What makes Robertson's blithe dismissal ofa quarter of the world's population as "angry people" so infuriating  isn't just that it's so ignorant – after all, when was the last time he said something that made sense? You don't exactly expect cultural sensitivity from the man who blamed a 2010 earthquake on Haiti's "pact with the devil." But in a country where, believe it or not, we have women and homosexuals and nearly 3 million Muslims, you'd think that at a certain point, being a bigot and a moron would not be the sort of thing cable companies and advertisers and talk-show bookers would want to promote. But then again, I'm the person who thought Amy Poehler and Will Arnett had the world's cutest marriage, so I may be hopelessly naïve.

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