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PA’s new environmental chief said he was unaware that there are “adverse impacts” of climate change

This should have been the first sign (and really, the only one needed) that Chris Abruzzo is unqualified to be Pennsylvania’s new secretary of environmental protection: During his confirmation hearing with the state’s Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee last week, he said the following:

“I’ve not read any scientific studies that would lead me to conclude there are adverse impacts to human beings, animals, or plant life at this small level of climate change.”

The only logical conclusion being, of course, that Abruzzo's either never read any scientific study at all, or he's relying on seriously questionable sources for his information.

Abruzzo, who was nominated to the position by Gov. Tom Corbett (R), then went on to explain that he does believe climate change is occurring and is "partially" attributable to human activity (how partial, he didn't say).

However, he added, since climate change is a global problem, he believed Pennsylvania was already doing its "fair share" in combating it. Under his tenure, he said, he wouldn't pursue new policies to address climate change.

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