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Overfluoridation is possible

Here are some things I expected to have to teach my 20-month-old daughter: how to say “please” and “thank you,” use a fork and knife, and share her toys. Nobody ever told me that I’d be teaching her how to spit, too. Somehow, I thought I would be teaching her not to do that.

Yet now when my sugar-starved child lunges for her toothbrush and its dollop of delicious orange-flavored toothpaste at bedtime, I find myself thinking about the day, coming very soon, when I’ll take her for her first visit to the dentist. I know from friends who have slightly older kids what’s going to happen: the dentist will advise us to start using something with fluoride in it. And that means that my daughter, in addition to kicking and screaming whenever I wrest control of her toothbrush and try to implement the proper brushing motion, will also have to learn to be vigilant about spitting out the toothpaste at the end of our nightly comedy of errors.

I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t fluoride good for us?

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