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“Our Nixon” director: “He was a human being, and people don’t recognize that”

Richard Nixon's audio tapes have become the most famous surveillance system in the history of politics. But the 37th president's aides produced a far more innocent recording system all their own.

H. R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman, and Dwight Chapin, three White House employees who ended up serving time in prison for their involvement in the Watergate scandal, made videotapes of their time working for Nixon for posterity. The tapes, which had been hosted in the National Archives, were edited together into the briskly moving picaresque, which opens in select theaters August 30. An exclusive clip, depicting Henry Kissinger's "swinging" bachelor behavior at a White House dinner, is below:

Our Nixon - In Theaters 8/30 from BONDinfluence on Vimeo.

The tapes don't depict scandalous incidents -- indeed, they're prosaic, depicting Nixon traveling to China, meeting political supporters, and introducing a Lawrence Welk-y group of singers.

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