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The other Gitmo: U.S. holding dozens without charge in Bagram

A report released Wednesday by human rights advocacy group Justice Project Pakistan highlights that, while the U.S. handed over control of the notorious detention center in Afghanistan's Bagram to Afghan authorities, dozens of inmates detained by the U.S. remain at the prison without charge.

"With the U.S. drawdown on the horizon, and no clear plan to resolve these detainees’ cases, there is a serious risk that Bagram will become the next Guantanamo Bay," JPP commented. Most (around 40) of the non-Afghan detainees held at Bagram are of Pakistani descent and were taken in to custody by U.S. forces.

As with 84 detainees currently held at Gitmo, numerous Bagram detainees held without charge have been cleared for transfer or release. As the report from JPP -- a partner of the Open Society -- noted:

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