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Is “Olympus Has Fallen” anti-Obama?

In the new film "Olympus Has Fallen," a black man is acting president, Ashley Judd is (for a time) the first lady and paramilitary forces with North Korean ties overwhelm the White House defenses. The president, vice president and secretary of defense barricade themselves in a bunker deep underneath 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue -- good thing, because the White House is a burning shambles.

Get used to seeing the president's home under attack. This summer brings "White House Down," a film starring Jamie Foxx as the president in a seat of power under siege. Later this month, the "G.I. Joe" sequel is to feature black flags flown over the White House as a mysterious supervillain impersonates the president and takes over the country. The "Iron Man 3" trailer reaches its climax at a shot of Air Force One getting shot out of the sky.

So what is it we thrill to about watching our national landmarks destroyed on the big screen? And at a time when real North Korea nuclear threats are in the news, what's so entertaining about watching them score a direct hit on Washington?

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