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Oklahoma tornado death count at least 91

According to the latest updates from the Oklahoma City medical examiner at least 91 people have been killed by the 2-mile wide tornado which ripped through the city and suburbs, leveling everything in its path. 20 children are among the dead as two schools were flattened by the Twister. According to reports, the worst damage hit the suburb of Moore.

Reuters reports that up to 240 people, including 60 children, have been injured, going by hospital reports. The National Weather Service has said the tornado was an EF-4 on the enhanced five-point Fujita scale -- the second most powerful type of twister. President Barack Obama has declared a major disaster and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts. Obama is scheduled to address the nation at around 10 a.m. on Tuesday. Meanwhile the FAA has declared a no-fly zone above the disaster area to enable emergency aircraft to fly unimpeded.

Overnight, according to the local NBC affiliate, 101 people were found alive in the rubble:

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The New York Times describedthe devastated scene in Moore late Monday night:

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