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Obama’s push for “green” energy turns out to have a massive environmental cost

A damning investigation from the Associated Press exposes the severe environmental impact of the boom in ethanol production, and calls out the Obama administration for pushing a destructive policy in the face of evidence that it is doing far more harm than was initially promised, not to mention what officials will now admit to. As the writers explain in a Q&A:

Everyone knows the environmental cost of oil and natural gas. But the Obama administration rarely acknowledges that its green initiatives have costs, too. And the government allows green companies to do not-so-green things. For wind power, that means the government looks the other way as turbines kill eagles in violation of federal law. For ethanol, the government accepts the environmental consequences in hopes the industry will develop cleaner next-generation biofuels.

...But when you factor in land conversion — and the erosion, pollution and greenhouse gases that come with it — ethanol doesn't look as good. Independent scientists say it's tough to make a case for ethanol as long as farmers are plowing over virgin prairie and conservation land. That's why ethanol industry executives don't always factor those effects into their calculations when they say their product is far cleaner than oil.

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