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Obamacare is a mess, and liberals need to fix it

It has been a pretty lousy month for the idea that the American government is capable of expanding access to healthcare to the uninsured and under-insured. The polls -- or a poll, at least -- are in, and people don't like President Obama anymore.

Nearly all the news Americans have seen regarding the roll-out of the exchanges -- the things that people are referring to when they say "Obamacare" -- has been relentlessly negative. The site doesn't work. The president told everyone that they'd get to keep their existing plans, now it turns out that many, many people can't. Some people now have to pay way more than they used to. Rates could skyrocket for everyone if enough people can't or don't want to sign up. This is what everyone -- including people who only barely pay attention to the news, which is many millions of Americans -- has been hearing, over and over again, for a full month now. That's bad news for the success of the law, and it's also bad news for the liberal experiment.

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