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Obama: Now it’s all about 2014

President Obama has apparently given up on the idea that the GOP majority in the House will work with him, Instead, he will actively work to elect a Democratic majority in 2014,according to a story in Sunday's Washington Post.

The Post reportsthat almost immediately after his re-election, Obama began working behind the scenes to win back the lower chamber and attempt to secure his legacy. The plan, the paper suggests, is to nationalize the 2014 race around issues which have popular public appeal -- gun control, immigration reform, the minimum wage, climate change and others -- but little chance of moving through the House.

Obama used his State of the Union to begin to build support for his agenda, and has continued in campaign mode over recent weeks to illustrate the effects of the sequester cuts on the economy. The Post says he'll continue to voice his frustration that popular legislation can't move through the House.

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