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Is Obama giving food stamps to Mexicans?

If you were to design the Platonic Ideal of a right-wing meme in the Obama era, it might go something like this: “The Obama administration has entered into an agreement with the government of Mexico to give food stamps to Mexican immigrants ... the second you arrive here from Mexico.”

Food stamps! For immigrants -- possibly illegal ones! -- from Mexico! It’s a veritable orchestra of dog whistles. That was Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson speaking with Laura Ingraham Tuesday, but he’s hardly alone. Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe told NewsMax this week of undocumented immigrants, “As long as we supply their demand here in this country, they’re going to figure out a way to get through. And I’m talking about with the food stamps.”

“In Mexico, there is no welfare. No food stamps. Now, a lot of them -- Mexicans -- want to come here,” Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said Monday. (Mexico actually has an expansive welfare state, including universal healthcare rights, social security andfood assistance programs, though actual access is substantially lower than what’s technically on the books.)

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