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Obama to dine with GOP senators again

Barack Obama is going to have dinner with Republicans again. The president asked Georgia Republican Johnny Isakson to put the whole thing together, and no one yet knows where it will be or who will go, but it will definitely Increase Civility.

A few weeks ago, Obama had dinner with 12 Republican senators and the group "talked about the debt, deficits and taxes." That dinner having apparently done nothing to change the fact that on matters related to debt, deficits and taxes Republicans and Democrats don't merely have different preferred solutions but in fact wildly different interpretations of what the problems are, they will try again. Or maybe it will be a different group of 12 Republican senators this time, who knows.

I imagine Obama will once again push for a Deficit Deal, involving "a mixture of revenue and spending cuts," no matter how little we need such a thing at the moment, and he will also probably bring up immigration and gun control, though Republicans don't need much more nudging on immigration and gun control will never interest them.

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