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NYC’s frisking twins beg: Please let us profile!

New York City's two biggest boosters of the practice of humiliating and alienating young people of color both took their arguments to the non-New York press this weekend, with New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly appearing on two Sunday shows and Mayor Michael Bloomberg publishing an op-ed in the Washington Post. These two men have one message: Stop-and-frisk is effective and if the NYPD is forced to obey the constitution, people will die.

Ray Kelly, the celebrity top cop who is currently campaigning to be head of the Department of Homeland Security, in part because he worries he'll be out of a job in a couple months, appeared on "Meet the Press" and in a taped interview on "This Week." In both appearances, he promised that violent crime will rise if the police aren't allowed to continue stopping and frisking lots and lots of black and Hispanic people. He mainly repeated arguments from his dishonest Wall Street Journal editorial last month.

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