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Now Chris Brown thinks he’s God’s gift

Oh, did Chris Brown get in a fight again? Yawn. Does he have a ridiculously overblown sense of his own victimhood in all of it? You don't say. In fact, you could call the parking lot altercation between Brown and Frank Ocean this weekend Just Another Day in the Life of Chris Brown were it not for one thing that makes the story truly, truly special. It's the Jesus painting. BEHOLD.

Whatever went down between Breezy and Frank Ocean that led Ocean to be "desirous of prosecution" will never be anything more than another tale of Brown's legendary tantrum tossing. Since his 2009 assault on Rihanna — for which he's still on probation— Brown has pitched a fit on the set of "Good Morning America" and mixed it up at a nightclub with Drake. But did you know that the Grammy-winning convicted felon is also an artist? A sad, tortured artist, natch.

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