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Is a not-so-grand bargain back?

The National Journal’s Ron Fournier apparently breaks some news today, with House GOP sources telling him, not for attribution, that they’re open to a compromise that includes tax revenue in order to achieve a deficit-cutting “grand bargain” – as long as it contains the entitlement cuts President Obama says he’d support.

For two years now the only sure thing standing in the way of an entitlement-cutting, not-so-grand bargain has been the intransigence of the far right House GOP caucus. So far, that’s been mostly a win for the president. He gets to say he’s for compromise, including “sensible” entitlement reductions, without ever having to make them. And his most fervent progressive devotees get to say he doesn’t really mean it, it’s just a bargaining stance, and since no deal is ever made, Obama outfoxed his opponents again. He’s the only adult in the room!

But the must-read part of Fournier’s piece isn’t the news that the House GOP is open to a deal, which is important, but his explanation of why:

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