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North Carolina lawmakers could pull an all-nighter over controversial “motorcycle abortion” bill

North Carolina Republicans may have thought inserting dozens of abortion provisions into a motorcycle safety bill hours before a holiday weekend was a foolproof way to avoid meaningful debate and sneak it under the public's nose, but they were wrong. After the bill was returned to the Senate, it remained there, with little sign of movement, for nearly three weeks.

Until Thursday, that is. The final day before the legislative session ends.

Lawmakers intend to remain in session until late Thursday night or early Friday morning, leaving the possibility that one of the most controversial bills to come out of the state Legislature this could pass in the early morning hours.

But the fate of the bill still remains to be seen, as WRAL notes:

Senate leaders have been coy about the fate of the abortion bill and did not alter that tack Wednesday night.

"Before we leave," said Sen. Phil Berger, the president pro tempore, when asked when the abortion bill would be heard. Asked when specifically the bill might be heard, Berger repeated, "before we leave."

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