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Nine over-the-top pieces of “Game of Thrones” fan fiction

Perhaps the strength of a show's fan base can be measured in the fan fiction surrounding it.

Since the early days of the Internet, fans of existing properties have spun entirely new stories using characters that exist in someone else's produced work. And while alternately glum and grim adult dramas "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" languish on with, respectively, 80 and 78 stories about them (and "Boardwalk Empire" has a mere 62), "Game of Thrones," which returns on HBO Sunday night, is booming. Six hundred and eightstories have been committed to's pages -- including stories transplanting the characters to the present day and into a gay fantasia on George R. R. Martin's themes. To test the fantasy show's malleability -- and to see which "Game of Thrones" fan might be the next E.L. James, printing money from fan fiction -- we picked a few of our favorites.

The story: "A song of Ice and Walkers"

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