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Newt Gingrich on climate change: “Life was fine” during the warmer age of the dinosaurs

Newt Gingrich was a little off-message during CNN's climate change debate Monday night. He was supposedto be pointing to the record-breaking cold temperatures as evidence that global warming is a hoax, like his fellow climate deniers.

But in lieu of wasting time denying the rise of global temperatures, the former House Speaker and self-proclaimed "amateur paleontologist" instead chose a different tact: suggesting that it's arrogant of humans to act like we can or should control Earth's thermostat.

“What’s the right temperature for the planet?” Gingrich asked. "The age of the dinosaurs was dramatically warmer than this is right now and it didn’t cook the planet. In fact, life was fine."

Life is fine now, too, he added: "The number of people leaving Minnesota this evening to get to the Caribbean versus the number of people leaving the Caribbean to try to get to Minnesota would argue that slightly warmer wouldn't be a crisis."

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