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“The Newsroom” puts itself on trial

This Sunday brings back "The Newsroom," an HBO show about things you wouldn’t believe happened in 2011. For Season 2, the news events of that very newsy year are framed by the news-making consequences they have in 2012 for the staff of the American cable news show “News Night.” And if after those two sentences you’re sick of the word “news,” I do not recommend this program.

Conveniently, Aaron Sorkin’s "The Newsroom" has skipped over the June 2012 debut  of Aaron Sorkin’s "The Newsroom," so that we are now in the long nights leading up to Obama’s November 2012 reelection. What we know: Something happened. It had something to do with Genoa. The story went wrong or was a lie, the ensuing lawsuit is massive, and the network’s lawyer — played with brass tacks and wisecracks by the excellent Marcia Gay Harden — is prepping each staffer to give a deposition. "The Newsroom" is itself on the stand.

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