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New York Times legitimizes anti-choice propaganda

The New York Times on Tuesday published a story about embryology and the science of fetal pain. This is a pretty natural thing to do since fetal pain is in the news quite a lot now that reproductive rights opponents are using the issue to bolster national efforts to restrict women's access to abortion care. Unfortunately, writer Pam Belluck, in the interest of "neutral reporting," presents bad science as good science and treats good science like just one of many varying opinions on the issue of whether or not a fetus can experience pain at 20 weeks.

But, as Salon has previously reported, the two sides of the issue do not hold equal weight or credibility within the medical community.

As Dr. Anne Davis, a second-trimester abortion provider, associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center and consulting medical director at Physicians for Reproductive Health, told Salon back in August (Davis is also quoted in the Times piece):

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