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New Mexico school considers banning Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere”

Alamogordo High School in New Mexico has "temporarily removed" Neil Gaiman's novel "Neverwhere" from its courses after the mother of a sophomore student complained about "inappropriate content," reports the Alamogordo Daily News.

Gaiman's fantasy book, based on his BBC television series, follows a London man who explores a magical world beneath the streets of London with a girl named Door. Although the school has been teaching "Neverwhere" since 2004, Nancy Wilmott complained about a sex scene and use of profanity.

"I reviewed the language personally. I can see where it could be considered offensive," said Superintendent George Straface, who is reviewing Wilmott's complaint. "The F-word is used. There is a description of a sexual encounter that is pretty descriptive, and it's between a married man and a single woman. Although kids can probably see that on TV anytime they want, we are a public school using taxpayer dollars.

"On that basis, we have decided to temporarily remove the book until we can review it with our panels and make a decision," he said.

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