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New “Arrested Development” season “will look very different” says creator

So far, there is a lot fans can piece together about what the new season of "Arrested Development," the cult comedy dropped prematurely by Fox in 2006, will look like: The entire cast will be back, including most of our favorite recurring characters (Liza Minnelli, Scott Baio, Henry Winkler, to name a few) and some new ones (e.g., Conan O'Brien and John Slattery), the whole show will drop at once on Netflix this spring, and each of the 13 or 14 episodes will focus on the life of a different Bluth character.

To the dismay of die-hard fans, show creator Mitch Hurwitz is now saying that the new season will never have the entire Bluth family in every episode. "You don't see them all together until you see the movie," he told USA Today, explaining that "Contractually, we couldn't use all the characters in every episode; they were not free to do as much television as they want." The show's central character, Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), will be the only character to make an appearance in every show.

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