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My parents treat me like a child

Dear Cary,

You seem like you will be able to give me levelheaded, unbiased, practical advice and insight right now, and that is exactly what I am needing.

I'm 17 and I'm fighting with my parents. This is not a new, unique story. But it doesn't make it any easier to cope with.

I feel like my parents meddle more than they should. They have always provided me with a stable, loving, privileged household. So why am I complaining? The household has become too stable and loving. My parents seem to be overly adjusted to their role as a parent of a small child -- not a teenager. I feel I have proven myself as a person. I get almost all A's, hold many leadership positions at school, hold a job and make my own money, have no driving violations, and I can honestly say I do not use drugs of any kind, nor have I ever.

However, my parents somehow see past these "good things" and feel the need to dictate every facet of my life. If my clothes don't fit right, they complain. If my room isn't clean, I can't go out. Leave a dish on the counter without cleaning it? Don't replace the paper towel after using it up? Household tragedies worth swearing and screaming over.

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