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“My music is about to be world-wide”: Big Freedia’s moment

Down a quiet street marked with potholes, a common hazard in New Orleans, a black and gold Christmas wreath marks the Queen Diva’s territory. The house blends in with its fallen-fence neighbors, and stands out mostly for its size, the kid sister on the block.  The diva moved into the house two years ago to live closer to her mother, one of her biggest fans, and she has plans to move again soon to her mom’s new neighborhood.

A glacier-blue Chrysler 300 pulls into a skinny driveway that cuts through brown grass. The diva gets out of the driver’s side, asks her boyfriend Devon for a lighter and they bring in one, two, three baskets full of laundry. In the early December weather, Big Freedia wears a grey sweatshirt with red letters spelling “Queen Diva” across the back and sweatpants with “Freedia” running down the leg. She’s also wearing a type of grey shower cap. When filming her popular reality show “Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce” for Fuse TV, she does her best to keep her hair as “freshly done” as it was back in September when she set the Guinness World Record for Most People Twerking Simultaneously. The record set in New York City coincided with the launch of her show, and a total of 358 dancers participated, the oldest twerker nearing 80 years old. Freedia's face was plastered on a billboard in Times Square and when she looked up at her ass, seemingly two stories tall, she felt humbled. She thought her years of hard work were paying off. But she knows she has to keep pushing.

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