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My friend is out of control

Dear Cary,

I'm a graduate student in my mid-20s and my best friend is someone whom I have known since kindergarten and we've been friends since we were 10. My best friend is someone whom I love dearly. I want more than anything for her to be happy, but she's been kind of a mess for a while now and it's starting to affect our friendship. For the past four or five years she's never been single for more than a couple of weeks and has dated a series of men who in a variety of ways have all treated her extremely poorly. I'm not a fool and I realize these poor choices in men stem from her lack of self-worth. I've tried to be there for her as best as I can even though I've always hated these guys, and I've always told her that while I might not approve of her dating choices, I love her no matter what, and I can't judge her decisions to do what she feels she needs to do.

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