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My family won’t leave!

Dear Cary,

My brother-in-law, who lives with my sister in another state, has been spending the past few weeks in my city. His father had to go into assisted living, and he is in town to ready his childhood home for sale in order to pay for his father's long-term care.

"The Plan" was for him to stay in that house, do repairs, direct contractors and make ready for an estate sale and the sale of the property. That plan was foiled by his estranged, crazy (on so many levels) and frightening sister when she gained access to the house, moved in and is squatting. She maintains she has the right to live permanently in the house.

My brother-in-law, fearing for his health, safety and sanity, asked if he could stay with me. I was happy to welcome him, at first. Though we have not been close until recently, both he and my sister had been generous to me recently, with accommodations and airline tickets to visit them, things that are difficult for me to afford myself.

But it's true what Benjamin Franklin said: "Fish and visitors smell after three days."

I want to tell them to find someplace else to stay but I want to have a close relationship with my sister.

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