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My boyfriend has a secret son

Hello there,

I read your blog and I thought I could seek advice from you.I have been dating my boyfriend for 11 months now, everything was so sweet until today!

He has been fooling me. He has a son that I found out about today. What hurts the most is that he lied to me. We have had like three occasions where we talk heart-to-heart about our lives and no telling lies. I was open to him but he never mentioned he had a son! I even asked directly ... do u hav a kid out there?

He said, "No, but whether one has a kid or not out there shouldn't change what we feel for each other."

I chose to believe him. For the past few days, I have been feeling like going through his phone, so I did it today and got a message from the ex-girlfriend that his son misses him. That was last year but the fact remains he has a son and he never told me.

The only thing he told me is that he had a girlfriend who hurt him so much when she started going out with her boss and so they broke up, but he never mentioned that he had a son with her. He is telling me they broke up two years and four months ago and I am all his happiness.

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