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Must-see morning clip: John Oliver bids a teary farewell to “The Daily Show”

In what might be one of the most touching moments ever witnessed on "The Daily Show," host Jon Stewart bid farewell to long-time correspondent John Oliver, who after 7.5 years is leaving Comedy Central to host his own satirical news show on HBO.

Stewart began the segment as any other -- introducing Oliver, who proved his star power as interim host on "The Daily Show" this past summer, as the Senior Royal Correspondent on a story about snooping on the Queen of England. But then Stewart broke character, throwing Oliver off-guard, "I, today, went through this enormous -- I guess your people would say 'charade' -- of writing this [bleep]-ing royal nut bit--"

"Are we not doing the bit?!" Oliver interrupted, surprised.

"No! Of course we're not doing the bit! What the [bleep] do you think we're doing here?" Stewart exclaimed.

"There's only one British royal I care about tonight, and his name is Prince John Oliver," he continued. With palpable affection, Stewart offered a video tribute to Oliver and the "broad range of perspectives" Oliver brought to the show and a retrospective of some of his best "field work."

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