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Moving in brings money fears

Dear Cary,

My problem is about moving in. I love my boyfriend of two years. We should live together; he's already at my place six nights a week. If we move in together, we could take awesome vacations and save more money at the same time! It just makes sense. We both agree it's a good idea. We're even looking at places (two bedrooms, so friends and family can visit us). (And because we love closets, let's be honest.)

But it freaks me out: The idea of relying on anyone else to pay half my rent (and other bills) makes me horribly uncomfortable. He is responsible, and will pretty much always be able to handle his half. Why can't I accept it? I mean, he makes nearly twice as much as I do. But he doesn't contribute to his 401K.

Secretly, I blame my dad for making me such a worrywart about savings and money in general. And by "secretly," I mean I tell everyone it's my dad's fault I'm such a tightwad. (Bless his heart, I know he'd agree.) Cary, please advise. I read your advice all the time because it's both unexpected and spot-on.


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