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The most overhyped castings in recent memory

The most highly-anticipated casting since Vivien Leigh in "Gone With the Wind" may just have happened.

Rosamund Pike, the British actress, beat out the stars whose names had been bandied-about to star in "Gone Girl," the film adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best-seller. (Sorry, Charlize and Natalie!)

There's something invigorating about the process of casting a movie being adjudicated in the entertainment press. (This reporter had been convinced for weeks that Natalie Portman would end up playing the lead role in "Gone Girl!" Oops!)  A movie can be no more or less than itself -- but a list of names of potential stars extends infinitely outward, allowing for a million different versions of a movie, some better, some worse. It's almost a comedown to watch a movie whose casting process has been hashed out in the press -- but the anticipation that's built after watching the casting happen helps to ensure that the public will buy tickets. (Carey Mulligan herself is not particularly interesting; the story her director told Vogue about how her "Gatsby" audition was much better than many more-famous actresses' is!)

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