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Most likely to attack Iran

When it comes to praising President Obama's foreign policy skill and Toughness (in the neocon sense of that term: i.e.a willingness to risk other people's lives with the use of military force against foreigners), The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg has been one of the most reliable and vocal voices. Considered by Obama aides "as the 'official therapist' of the U.S.-Israel relationship," Goldberg has been particularly important in vouching for Obama to Israelis and American Jews on the ground that nobody will be Tougher on Iran than Obama (in return for this service, Goldberg -- like all helpful journalists are -- has been rewarded by the White House with substantial career-boosting access). In his Bloombergcolumn this morning, Goldberg argues that Israeli officials should pray for Obama's victory in the November election, and makes this argument in support:

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