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Monogamous — except online

"John" is monogamous, except for when it comes to "tech-based stuff," he says. The same goes for "Samantha," his girlfriend of nearly four years. Call it whatever you want -- cyber swinging, polyIMorous or -- wait for it, wait for it! -- monogam-IT. What it means is they have agreed to only have sex with each other in real life -- but online is another story.

It's an especially refreshing example of consent and honest communication, given recent news of Anthony Weiner's secretive extramarital sexting. According to a survey by, 57 percent of men and 77 percent of women find flirtatious online chats and webcamming to be cheating. In the minority are people who either don’t count online flirting as infidelity or who, like John and Samantha, explicitly allow for it as the "-ish" in "monogam-ish."

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