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The Monica Lewinsky scandal: Where are they now?

Prepare to feel old: Monica Lewinsky, the White House intern with whom Bill Clinton had an affair with in 1998, turns 40 today. The scandal, which landed Clinton in an impeachment trial, forever changed the course for several members of his administration. Fifteen years later, some have moved on, some are still trying to move on, and some have passed on.

Paula Jones

Life after the Clinton trial was not good for Ms. Jones, whose original sexual harassment lawsuit first set in motion the chain of events that led to his impeachment trial. The trial left the Arkansas state employee buried under legal fees and a damaged marriage. She posed nude for Penthouse magazine in 2000 and had a "Celebrity Boxing" match with Tonya Harding a few years later, but has led a relatively quiet life since then. According to the Arkansas Times, Jones--who has remarried-- is "a quiet suburban mom with a job in a medical office."

Monica Lewinsky

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