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“Moby Dick,” the card game


“Wilt thou not chase the white whale! Art not game for Moby Dick?” And as Captain Ahab demanded this of chief mate Starbuck in Herman Melville’s 1851 novel Moby-Dick; or, The Whale, so you are asked to go on your own treacherous whaling adventure in Moby Dick, or, The Card Game.

If you’re already panicking about the lack of proper punctuation in the table top game’s title, don’t worry, a great effort is being made by the game designers and artists to instill the game with the true spirit of Melville’s novel. The title is actually meant as a tribute to the whale itself (unhyphenated in name), and aboard the Pequod of the game, you, too, hunt whales. Currently in the midst of a Kickstarter fundraiser, the project from NYC-based games company King Post will include all of the action in Melville’s sprawling novel (presumably with the condensing of some of his denser writings on whale structure and knot tying techniques). The visuals were majorly influenced by the Barry Moser woodcuts in the Arion Press edition of Moby-Dick from 1979, an edition of which there were only 250 copies (there is also a trade version which this author owns and highly recommends), as well as ephemera of Melville’s own time.

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