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Millennials hate Bruce Springsteen

Every few weeks or so, I’ll be talking to someone at a bar or club or house party, and the conversation will inevitably turn toward Bruce Springsteen. The exchange is usually as follows:

BAR PATRON/PARTY GUEST: So, what kind of music do you listen to?

ME: Oh, a little bit of everything … blues, jazz, funk, Bruce Springsteen (brief pause) … you know, my tastes are super eclectic.

BAR PATRON/PARTY GUEST: Um, why do you like Springsteen?

ME: So, you don’t like Bruce Springsteen?


(Long pause)

ME: (Shuffling away while muttering angrily, like an elderly woman being chastised for feeding pigeons) Well, you should.

This person will then enumerate the list of reasons why he dislikes Bruce Springsteen, usually employing four out of six of the following arguments:

  1. He’s old.
  2. He sucks.
  3. He sucks because he’s old.
  4. He’s old because he sucks.
  5. He sings about being a member of the working class even though he’s made millions and millions of dollars over the past 30 years
  6. “Born in the USA” sucks.

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