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Michael Cera: Typecasting is “part of being an actor”

It's been a busy summer for Michael Cera.

The actor, recently seen on all sorts of small screens in the Netflix "Arrested Development" revival, hits indieplexes this weekend with "Crystal Fairy," a project that further blows up the docile, agreeable persona Cera honed as George Michael Bluth.

In "Crystal Fairy," Cera plays an American expatriate in Chile, searching for a cactus with hallucinogenic properties with a single-mindedness that irritates his companions (played by the brothers of the director, Sebastián Silva) and utterly confounds the fellow American he impulsively drags along. Gaby Hoffman's earth-mothery Crystal Fairy becomes the linchpin of the action, a sympathetic figure with whom Cera's character relentlessly bickers.

For Hoffman, the character of Crystal Fairy is a breakthrough -- she's alternately perfectly irritating and delightful as the road-trip tag-along who simply doesn't pick up on social cues. But for Cera, it's part of a project of redefinition from the earnest, slightly dopey kid of early "Arrested Development" and of films like "Juno"; in the new "Arrested Development," he's gone from good son to Zuckerberg-esque conniver, and in the recent film "This is the End" he appears in a brief cameo as "himself," a self addled by cocaine and flattery.

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