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“Mentally retarded” inmate to be executed

On Tuesday at 7 p.m. in Georgia, Warren Hill is scheduled to be executed by the state. According to the Guardian, lawyers are "racing against the clock" to save the life of the 53-year-old man with severe learning disabilities.

As the Guardian noted, all medical specialists who have examined the death row inmate have now concluded that he is unfit to face the death penalty:

All medical specialists who have examined Hill now agree that he is "mentally retarded" – the designation of intellectual disability still widely used in the US – and should be protected under the supreme court ban. In an important break in the case, three forensic psychiatrists who had previously testified that Hill did not meet the legal criteria for "mental retardation", and was thus eligible for execution, have in recent days announced that they now believe their opinion was wrong.

All three doctors say that their original evaluation – given 12 years ago at a crucial stage in the case – was rushed and ill-conceived.

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