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Men’s Rights Activists hurt men, too

If you've ever been curious about the Men's Rights Movement (in the same way one is sometimes curious about the source of a foul odor), there now exists a definitive explainer on the topic.

Jaclyn Friedman's piece for the American Prospect on Men's Rights Activists (MRAs) does an excellent job of capturing their violent misogyny and the very real threat these men pose to women, both online and off. But Friedman also gets at something crucial about the movement's inherent nihilism -- and the harm it does to men:

As bad as Men's Rights Activists are for women (and, really, for our collective humanity), they’re also doing harm to the causes they claim to care about. When an AVFM contributor in Australia called a hotline posing as a man being beaten by his wife and needing a shelter for himself and his son, he claims he was denied help. But if you listen to the recording (or read the transcript), you can clearly hear the counselor on the other line offer multiple forms of assistance, including a free hotel for himself and his son, a direct connection to a police officer specializing in domestic violence, and more. Far from their tagline “compassion for men and boys,” this incident reveals that MRAs are happy to abandon men and boys to real danger when it suits their hate campaign against women.

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